In this journal, all the manuscripts are subject to a strict peer-review process by at least two reviewers that are experts in his/her research area. The review process in this journal is double-blinded. After the review process, the submissions can be accepted or rejected. Besides, the editor follows the reviewers' suggestions.
The submission should be original, and it has not been submitted elsewhere and is not under consideration with any other journal.
Submissions can be rejected by International Econometric Review's editorial office if it is believed that the manuscript fails to meet the following ethical criteria:

 A) Authorship

Ghost and gift authorships are strictly prohibited. The corresponding author has to provide the contribution of all the co-authors if any, such as data collection, empirical analysis, reviewing and editing.

 B) Conflicting Interest

Authors have to provide a declaration in their paper of all potential competing interests involving people or organizations which is related to the work (e.g., personal or financial relationship).

 C) Corrections, Clarifications, and Retractions

International Econometric Review is able to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when required. Moreover, the works can be removed or retracted from the journal's database if it is detected that they violate the ethical issues.

 D) Plagiarism

Plagiarism, including self-plagiarism or false citation, forms a serious violation of the principles of scholarship and this type of ethical issue is not acceptable. International Econometric Review uses the Crossref Similarity Check (provided by iThenticate and/or Turnitin) software to evaluate the similarity score of the manuscripts. The submissions are not welcomed that have a higher similarity score than 30% totally, and 1% per source.

 E) Clinical Trials and Animal Research

International Econometric Review does not accept submissions that are related to clinical trials and animal research.